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Dear Colleague,

IV. International Aksaray Symposium will be held with between the dates of 24-26 October 2019 and will be hosted by Aksaray University.

In the last decade, there have been significant changes in the higher education system in Turkey. One of these is the establishment of a university with a “university in every city” policy. In this context, a state university was established in 2006 in Aksaray province.

One of the functions of the newly established universities was to contribute to science by doing work on a universal scale and another function was to determine the working areas by taking care of the localities. Aksaray University wants to do studies that focus only on this province and the values of the province. In addition to the numerous steps taken in this direction, in the pioneer of our Center for the Study and Research of Somuncu Baba History and Culture Studies, the scientific work on Aksaray’s historical and cultural accumulation is to create a channel through which we can share with the public. With this symposium we aim to build up an accumulation of Aksaray’s historical, historical works, literature, social life, politics, economy, education; in short, almost everything about yesterday, today and tomorrow.
We hope to see you among us at the second International Aksaray Symposium, which will discuss almost everything about Aksaray’s history and culture, and we look forward to your valuable contributions and participation.